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Governance & Voting

This page will be updated once our Snapshot model is live
BiaDAO is aiming to become a community-led organization. Like a true DAO, we want to be decentralized and autonomous. We want people to feel they own, control and have a say over how BiaDAO and a large-scale cryptocurrency mining operation is run.
We want the community to join together and help build something that not only creates profits for everyone, but a true pillar of the cryptocurrency community in the future.
To do this, we will be allowing MINE token holders to vote on proposals that are in our Snapshot page. Proposals can cover all aspects of the protocol, including, but not limited to, bonds, marketing, investment ideas, mining operations, innovations and much more.
At first, the development team will guide the project towards a sustainable long-term position, but over time more control will be given to the community through the DAO voting system.